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North West Consulting can help you do this. Why us, or any other business consultant for that matter? Well, you may know every nook and cranny of your business and think that every aspect is vital knowledge for consumers and viewers.

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We call this the "curse of knowledge." It happens to the best of us.

You know too much about your company to simplify your story, or you may simply have a tough time conveying it.

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pan_toolThis is your special story and we’re happy to help you craft it into the best one yet!

To create an effective business plan, you really have to boil your story down into a simple, easy-to-understand package that any consumer can understand, including your 10-year-old son and your 100-year-old grandma.

Because it’s not just going to investors and bankers looking at your business. Sure, your customer won’t see your business plan but they will see your company and your website. That is what drives in your revenue.

a simple "problem/solution" story format does the job.

1. Problem ?
Getting your customers and website viewers to relate; to help facilitate empathy. Start by introducing a story where the character is facing the same problem your customers face. From the very beginning, show them relevance.

If you tap into their emotions, they’re much more likely to keep reading and viewing. Wanting to know more. If you’re taking the emotional route, it must be funny, upsetting, uplifting, or offensive. Whatever emotion, it has to hit hard.

2. Solution !
Propose a solution. Convey your products and/or services as the answer to everyone's problem.

3. How It Works

Explain what you do. Now that they know you exist, you have to quickly narrow down the top 3 benefits of using your solution that sets your solution apart from others. This is where you can include more details about your product or service.

Conclusion: Wrap it up.

Reiterate the fact that you solved the original problem and offer up your call to action.

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