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Although we use business plan development combined with the accompanying pro forma statements in fulfilling some of our client needs, we realize other clients only require the pro forma.

Considering this, we also offer pro forma creation as a stand-alone service that we provide to those clients who need assistance in creating or evaluating pro forma financials.

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As a service to you, North West Consulting can fully customize a pro forma for your current income producing business or if you just start up.

Either way, we'll make sure your numbers add up.

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A Pro Forma is written in many ways. As a result, there is not a set template that can be used to create a pro forma. Although there are similar metrics in each pro forma, the quantifiable measures that are used to track and assess the status of a specific business process the such as the size, format and level of detail vary greatly among individual business situations and industries they serve.

The use or motivation of the pro forma typically determines the structure of the financials. For example, in early negotiations a simple pro forma may be used to communicate a summary of information to gain interest or it may be used as an instrument to secure initial commitment.

In contrast, a more detailed pro forma may be required by a lender or investor in order to determine the validity of a project and subsequently their decision to make a loan or infuse capital.

North West Consulting Pro Forma Financial Packages

Know Or Listen To Who Knows...

Perfect for companies with a budget of up to $250K in startup requirements and expected annual sales of $1.2MM or less. This package works well for restaurants, retail outlets, professional services and non-regulated industries. This package is the most requested.

North West Consulting Pro Forma Financial Packages

Know Or Listen To Who Knows...

If you are investing more than $250K and under $1MM to start a business, we recommend this package. This also works well for regional businesses, new apps, and new product launches. This package comes with monthly breakdowns of all financial statements.

North West Consulting Pro Forma Financial Packages

Know Or Listen To Who Knows...

Businesses with startup investment of over $1MM but under $5MM need particular detail in uses of funds as well as a conservative growth plan in Sales Forecasting and in Personnel. This package works well for companies looking to scale operations to a national level, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors. It tracks inventory, accounts payable and accounts receivables.

North West Consulting Pro Forma Financial Packages

Know Or Listen To Who Knows...

This package does not hold back any punches. Businesses with startup investment of over $5MM will require everything we have to offer to ensure the long-term success of their investment. This package is recommended for companies with international operations, import/export, and large real estate developments. It comes with 5 years projections and HD graphs.

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