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the Pro Forma.

We offer a full-line of custom financial pro forma including Market Analysis, Sales Forecast, Personnel, General Assumptions, Profit and Loss, Break-even Analysis, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and Business Ratios.

Powerful Features

In constructing pro forma statements, a company recognizes the uniqueness and distinct financial characteristics of each proposed plan or project.

Why your business needs them

Understanding what you need to know about these: 
Entrepreneurs usually create pro forma statements to project future financial returns from new business ventures. Pro forma statements are commonly included in the entrepreneur’s business plan. These plans contain copious amounts of information relating to the entrepreneur’s idea for a business, organizational structure, and other information. Pro forma statements can also help entrepreneurs plan future business operations.


the income and cash flow statements.

Two types of pro forma statements are important to small-business owners.

Income Statement

Contains projected figures relating to the company's sales revenue, costs of goods sold and expenses.

Income statements provide business owners with a net profit estimate from business operations.

An income statement is also known as the "profit and loss statement" or "statement of revenue and expense." 

North West Consulting professional pro forma development

Cash Flow

This sheet tracks all projected cash inflows and outflows from business operations.

Cash flow statements may take second place when business owners create pro forma statements. 

The business can use a cash flow statement to predict future cash flow, which helps with budgeting. 


the marketplace analysis and sales estimates statements.

Pro forma statements included in an entrepreneur’s business plan can be difficult to create.

Marketplace Analysis

Entrepreneurs must conduct a detailed marketplace analysis to review industries, companies offering similar products and other current economic information.

Sales estimates are usually based on this information. An entrepreneur may also include plans to differentiate his company’s products in the marketplace.


Markets change--a business needs to watch for changes in its market.

North West Consulting professional pro forma development

Sales Forecast

Sales are the single most important element in making forecasts, because many other statement items, such as cost of goods sold and accounts receivable, have a constant relationship to sales.

Business owners may consider underestimating future sales and income while overestimating expenses and cash outflows.

This creates statements that are very conservative and force business owners to create streamlined business operations.


securing a bank or investor financing.

Business owners often use pro forma statements to secure external financing from banks or investors.


These individuals are interested in the projected income and cash flows generated by small businesses.

Small businesses that can generate high income and cash flows are often seen as a less-risky investment.

Business owners who cannot provide detailed pro forma statements can face a tougher time securing financing for business operations.

North West Consulting professional pro forma development

Conservative Is Better

As mentioned earlier, create pro forma statements that are conservative. Lenders and investors may be less concerned by a business owner’s conservative pro forma financial statements.

Also use short-term statements to avoid creating specific long-term financial expectations.

Sustainability and compliance are complex business challenges—it takes sound analysis and engaged action will to solve them.

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Sustainability and compliance are complex business challenges—it takes sound analysis and engaged action will to solve them. But sustainability knowledge, needs, and standards are constantly changing. That’s why we constantly evolve our knowledge to keep you at the forefront of sustainability developments with business matters, the Web, and its social media platforms.

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