To qualify for such a visa, your company must meet rigorous and specific USCIS qualifications, as must the manager or managers you plan to bring into the company. These requirements include doing, or planning to do, business in the United States as an employer, and, for the potential manager, having worked for the company abroad within the last three years.

An L-1 business plan is built upon the contingency that an L1 Visa can be obtained and must include careful details about management structure and the qualifications of the proposed leadership team. Every North West Consulting L1 business plan includes management bios and personnel forecasts that can aid company owners and potential investors in understanding decisions being made about leadership in the U.S. and abroad. A non-immigrant visa, the L-1 visa allows companies operating both in the US and overseas to transfer eligible employees to its USA-based operations from its from abroad.

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North West Consulting Custom jQuery+CSS+HTML5 Web Version Business Plan
* This an actual business plan but we have substituted client names and intellectual properties.


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