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Take for example your accounting procedures. Many different aspects go into ensuring that your accountant has the means and ability to post a transaction properly. Training of the staff, timeliness of processing paperwork, a functional accounting system, and efficient workflows all contribute to the seamless processing of accounting transactions. Proper maintenance of source documentation is a key and often overlooked factor to ensure proper and accurate transactions are posted to the accounting system.

Each time your company makes a financial transaction, a paper trail is generated. This paper trail is called source documents.

If you process payroll for your staff, for example, the source document is the payroll report with approved time cards.

Source documents contain the details that your accountant needs to post transactions correctly and allow for senior accounting staff members to perform effective internal controls.

Additionally, source documents are the evidence that a financial transaction occurred during an audit.

Much like any document we write, our process is defined by what the clients business model represents. Beyond that, we gather any in-house software or cloud-based systems that may or may not interact with the documents, and determine goals and expectations of the client.

Then, we develop and present the best model of the transactional document for that particular business and its goals. Finally, we add any graphics, html, and custom css to finish off the styling to match the company brand.

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