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How do startup Internet companies in Silicon Valley convince venture capitalists (VCs) to give them millions in seed capital? It usually starts with a pitch deck, which is basically a PowerPoint presentation or a high-end html document.

Pitch decks are essential fundraising tools for startup companies today, whether a founder is after $500,000 or $20 million. Most of the big-name web apps like Mint and Foursquare started out small with a bright, young founder who put together a PowerPoint slideshow to explain their product and business model and then showed it to VCs and angel investors.

Sadly, most PowerPoint presentations you typically see in corporate training classes or at conferences are boring as hell. They’re text-heavy with lots of bullet points and uninspiring color schemes. Fancy pie charts, graphs, and tables are often confusing.

To stand out from the crowd of wannabes and make your project really shine, you need to spend the extra time and effort to create a visually engaging pitch deck that will excite a potential investor or finanical institution rather than bore them to tears.

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