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Both a memo and an email identify your company. So why let just any format leave your company server. Embed them with technology by utilizing custom designed jQuery, HTML5, CSS and style sheets. Like a business report, the importance of skillful communication becomes essential in the pursuit of it's goals.

Furthermore, the data elements embedded in these communications should track everything directly back to your business and brand.

Utilizing the power of jQuery, HTML5, and CSS we create personalized signatures for your email messages that include an icon for Facebook, Twitter, other social media and even video and sound files. Basically, we can embed just about anything into your emails.

When the message recipient clicks the icon in the signature, a new web browser window opens and your content appears, or a video or wave file automatically plays either by popup iframe or link to Vimeo or YouTube.

Let us showcase your company logo, message and demographics in all intraoffice messages or external email communcations.

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