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Books, articles, and videos can all help significantly, but the fact is they don’t even come close to a quality coaching experience.

We use a mix of both directive and non-directive coaching strategies, tailored to the client’s needs. Sometimes during a coaching session we will ask you questions, listen and paraphrase you (be non-directive), sometimes we will present principles or techniques and give you specific feedback (be directive).

At North West Consulting we have developed our own communication coaching system, drawing from experience and from areas such as Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Assertiveness Training, Non-Violent Communication, Evolutionary Psychology, Social Psychology and Positive Psychology.

Working with us in a communication coaching program, you can expect four things:

  1. An Attitude-Based Approach. In order to achieve the best results, we will go beyond your behavior and address the underlying attitudes. We will identify limiting beliefs, thinking, and emotions, and weed them out.
  2. Ideas That Work. You will learn principles and techniques that are supported by rigorous scientific research, not self-help hype.
  3. Focus On Solutions. We will not explore your past relentlessly, nor will we let you vent nonstop during a coaching session. Instead, we will focus each discussion on what’s happening in the here and now, and what you can do about it.
  4. Tough Love. We will show you support and understanding, but we will also be honest and straightforward with you. Some of the things we’ll tell you may be hard to swallow, but they will also be good medicine.
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