36 Reasons to join us.

36 Reasons why you want to work with us. Some people are a pain to be around. Most are okay. But occasionally we find someone we love to work with. Hopefully you think that’s North West Consulting.

Work smart - not hard

We realize that 36 line items are a lot to read so here are just the first nine reasons.

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Yes, you can quote us on these.

At North West Consulting we find that the best thing about quotes is; they can trigger something within us, make us think and inspire us to take action.


We will always make you feel smart.

In other words, We will value everything you say and use it to your advantage.

We won’t take your ideas, twist them up and say their ours. Rather, we take your ideas and couple them with our experience and together we make ideas that feel like your ideas. When that happens we will all work harder together. We’ll work with a greater sense of purpose, like we're part of something bigger. And then we're all more likely to succeed.


We never find something to take personally.

A French dilettante once said, "I am such an egotist that if I were to write about a chair, I'd find some way to write about myself." Even though we are great at what we do, we don’t believe we are the center of our own universe, or at the center of every story we tell--and surely not the victim of every unfortunate or negative event.

The only things we take personally are the things we can do to make life better for other people -- because we feel a personal obligation to improve the lives of the people around us which includes the people that want to work with North West Consulting.


We always try to find a silver lining.

Victories, in business and life, are often few and far between. Achieving something awesome (or even just a tiny bit cool) takes time and effort, so reasons to celebrate can be rare. We realize that every huge goal is accomplished one small step at a time and rightly feel every step is cause for celebration. We have a knack for finding the silver lining in every dark cloud because we know there is always a silver lining -- you just have to be willing to look for it.

And by looking, we hope to spread a sense of optimism and enthusiasm -- something that is often in short supply.


We always think before we speak and act.

We always try and react instantly to good news and to offer recognition, congratulations, and praise. But we take a long time to think, reflect, and decide the best way to speak and act when problems arise or when mistakes are made.

We know our words and actions will leave a lasting impact, so we do everything possible to get it right. Even when everything around us seems to be going wrong.


We never fail to share (or even give away) the credit.

We are smart enough to know the best glory is reflected glory. So we choose to step back from the spotlight and will let others take the credit for hard work, because you deserve it. We let others receive the praise for a job well done because you worked hard to get here.

Most of all, we gain a private sense of fulfillment from seeing others receive public recognition -- because that means everyone wins. And that’s the point of all this.


We listen ten times more than we talk.

Interrupting isn't just rude. When you interrupt someone what you're really saying is, "I'm not listening to you so I can understand what you are saying; I'm only listening to find a place to jump in and say what I want say."

We listen more than we talk and focus on what others say. We ask questions not to seem smart but to better understand. We want make others feel wise and respected.


We never actively seek validation.

Don’t get us wrong, everyone likes praise. But some people need praise. Some people need constant attention. They need constant validation that they are smart, capable, in charge, successful. In fact, they need to know they are smarter, more capable, and more successful than everyone else.

Not us, we don't care about external validation. We care about feeling good about ourselves. The only validation we seek is what we find in the mirror. Seeking self-worth inside ourselves allows us to spend all our energy encouraging, recognizing, and validating other people -- which makes us awesome to work with.


We never, ever, talk out of school.

It's hard for any of us to resist learning the inside scoop. Finding out the reasons behind someone's decisions, the motivations behind someone's actions, the skinny behind someone's hidden agenda -- much less whether Marcy from shipping is really dating Juan in accounting -- those conversations are hard to resist.

Unfortunately, the people who gossip about other people are also gossiping about us... and suddenly the idea of gossip isn't so much fun. Instead, if we decide to share a secret, we speak openly about our own thoughts and feelings. That way we're not gossiping. We're just being genuine.


We never jump on our own soapbox.

The higher you rise and the more you accomplish the more likely you are to think you know everything... and the more likely you are to think you need to tell other people everything you think you know. Some people speak with much more finality than foundation. Some people think a position or "status" automatically confers wisdom. And that means other people hear…but don't listen.

Rather, we share our thoughts in a humble and unpretentious way. We care about what others know. After all – we already know what we know.


There are 27 other reasons...

There are 27 other reasons...

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